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Call Newsletter in CMS or Static Block
1/1/2015 6:54 AM        

Question : How do i call Magento Newsletter in CMS Page or Static block ?

Answer : Magento has a great function of Newsletter Subscription which helps you to promote your products or send news about upcoming events in your company.

Follow the Steps below to display newsletter in a CMS Page or Static block.

Step 1 : Login to your magento Admin Panel

Step 2 : Goto CMS > Page or Static Blocks

Step 3 : Use this piece of code in the Content Area ( Where you want to display the Newsletter ) :

{{block type="newsletter/subscribe" template="newsletter/subscribe.phtml"}}

 Step 4 : It's Done, You can enjoy the Newsletter Function.

You can use this code to display magento Newsletter anywhere in the CMS or Static block either it's Home Page or a static block in the footer area of your magento website.


Author: MageIsland

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This is what i was actually looking for. Thank You for this great post.
Hi MageIsland, I am very new to Magento. And your simple but perfect tutorial was just what i needed!! Thank you Ikarogia
great! thank you for this short tutorial..
It really saves much time Great Magento Feeds, Thank You!

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