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Magento remove index.php from URL's
10/7/2014 8:11 AM        

Question : How can i remove index.php from my magento site URL's ?

Answer :To have Index.php in your store URl is not good for Search engine Optimization.

Follow the below steps to remove the index.php :

Step 1 : Login to your magento Admin Panel

Step 2 : Goto System > Configurations

Step 3 : On the left hand side from the menu Goto General > Web

Step 4 : Find the Tab by the name : Search Engines Optimization and change " Use Web Server Rewrites " to " YES "

Now INDEX.PHP should be remove from the Url's.


Author: MageIsland

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That's Perfect, Thank You!
Works ok for the store / catalog but not for admin paths. So something more is required.
This post offers clear idea in support of the new bees of magento. Thank you
Hello thowden, You Must logout / login / clear the cache and re-index the data of your Magento Store. Hope this helps! Thank You,
Hi Throwden, You may need to edit the .htaccess file. Look for the following line # RewriteBase /magento/ Uncomment the line and put your site root folder name instead of magento i.e, RewriteBase /your site root folder/ or just leave it like below RewriteBase / save, clear the cache. you may also reindex data.
Hey there, thanks for your time in turn much due to these concepts! Best Magento Instructor!
AWESOME!! , Thanks
Very useful post thanks lot,Finally i found the solution, Thank You!
Bravo Thank U!

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