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How to Prevent Bots From Spamming Your Magento Forms
8/27/2019 9:01 PM        

Add an unseen extra field or honey-pot

A honey-pot in terms of form submissions means that you're setting up an extra field that bots will see and fill out, but that your real human users won't. It's basically behind the scenes filtering step that protects your forms without adding any additional steps for the real people trying to join your lists.

You can implement this by adding HTML and specifically styling it out using CSS. It's true that some sophisticated bots can now read CSS and Javascript, but this is still an effective method and worth considering if you've got some basic programming skills. Here is a simple example:

.dispnon{display: none}

<input class="dispnon" name="field_name" type="text">

This gives you the basic idea - you'll want to make sure whatever field you've implemented as a honey-pot is not displayed on your actual form. If you get data that includes hidden information, you know it's a bot sign up. There are a variety of ways to do this and the code can be simple or more complex, an internet search can provide more examples if it's something you want to explore further.


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